Our Purpose


It's so nice to e-meet you! My name is Tiarnie and I am pictured left in photo above. I am the Founder of June And Janet writing this. And on the right is my dear friend and the person who helps me mend and up-cycle all of the pieces from my June And Janet collections, Sarah. She will hate that I've put this photo up but I think it's so important that everybody knows who she is too!
At June And Janet our mission is to use as much fabric and as many pieces of clothing that already exists to give new life to garments (so it stops it going into landfill as often). We've also made some space in our business to create a Donation Program within our seasonal Clothing Swaps, so we can save as many garments as we can from our community, to give on to local organisations whose main focus is to help women gain employment after they've been experiencing some tough setbacks. More on that here.
We are not perfect, and we will never claim to be. But we are doing the best we can in the fashion landscape that exists at the moment. And we will always try to remain as circular as we can, valuing the environment and equality at the same weight as our business. 

"In Australia alone around 6000kg of clothing and textiles is being disposed of every TEN MINUTES."

I am so happy to have you on this journey with us, please feel free to reach out via email, or on Instagram @juneandjanet. I am always happy to chat sustainability, the fashion industry, collaborations OR just simply a hello!  Hope to see you at one of our clothing swaps soon!

Love June & Janet