Personal Shopping

With all of us having side hustles and careers, and trying to save the planet AND trying to be the best versions of ourselves we understand that maybe you don't have a lot of spare time up your sleeve to go for a Saturday morning shop (hence the rise of online shopping).


But if you're in the market for something special, something one-off and something that you helped create (within an hour or two at most) then please get in touch. AND the best part, is it's completely guilt-free!
We will source the items for you from our plethora of thrift stores, fabric boxes and everywhere else so there is no need for new textiles. And you get exactly what you were envisioning!



- One hour consultation with stylist to develop a moodboard and some inspo images.
- Three weeks later we'll work through some looks we've sourced with you and go over a final edit (takes about 30 minutes).
- One week later we'll do a final fitting including minor alterations if needed.

Total cost for you: $89

Total cost for the planet: $0

Get in touch via our socials or email if you'd like to find out more!